Study of International Draughts - インターナショナル・ドラフツ研究

play in world as Japanese Draughts Player – 頭脳ゲーム・ドラフツで世界中の人と戦う

Analysis - 対局分析, General - 全般

Game with Byambasuren , Japan Draughts Championship 2018

The game with Byambasuren became Roozenburg , as I expectied

I had a game agaist Byambasuren, who is from Mongolia and a champion of last year. He likes Roozenburg. I like it. I would like to have a game of Roozenburg with him. So the game became Roozenburg.

The game

It is the following.


My friend recorded it. It is on youtube.

Opening – Midgame

Midgame – Endgame

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